Organizational Model pursuant to Legislative Decree 231/2001

Meccanostampi has adopted the Organizational Model set out by the Legislative Decree 231/2001 since 2009 with the aim of promoting ethical values in terms of responsibility towards our customers, suppliers, employees, all corporate stakeholders and in particular the local community.

Purpose of the Decree
To involve the company in the prevention of criminal offenses that may be committed during the operation of the business. It therefore calls on interested parties to exert greater (self) control over the regularity and legality of company operations. The Decree in question provides an Organisational, Management and Control Model to monitor critical processes and prevent crimes that may derive from these processes.

Meccanostampi’s Goal
Notwithstanding the Organizational Model is not currently mandatory, Meccanostampi intends on adopting the preventative measures set out by the Model to protect the entire company from any negative effects resulting from sanctions.

Dissemination of the Model
The adoption of the Model also provides for information on all interested parties. All employees, all customers and suppliers have therefore been informed.

Code of Ethics (Download the code of ethics here)
The adoption by the company of ethical principles relevant to the transparency and fairness of the business and useful for the prevention of crimes pursuant to Legislative Decree 231/2001 is an essential element of the preventive control system.
These principles are included in a Code of Ethics, which is an integral part of the Model and in an official document, approved by top management and contains the rights, duties and ethical principles adopted by the body towards all „Stakeholders“ (employees, suppliers, customers, Public Administration, shareholders, third parties).
It aims to recommend, promote or prohibit certain behaviours, beyond and regardless of the provisions set by law, defining the principles of „corporate ethics“ which the company recognizes as its own and calls upon all recipients to observe. The Code of Ethics along with the Organizational Model, is periodically updated based on the various legislative changes that occur over time.

Meccanostampi Code of Ethics, paragraph – Relationship with Customers –
“Meccanostampi manages its business to the satisfaction and protection of its customers, paying attention to requests that can favour an improvement in the quality of its products and services.
For this reason, Meccanostampi conducts all research, development and marketing activities according to high quality standards for its products and services.
With regards to its relationship with customers and clients, Meccanostampi ensures fairness and clarity in commercial negotiations and contractual obligations, as well as faithful and diligent contractual fulfilment.
In conducting business with customers, the Recipients of the Code of Ethics must adopt appropriate practices for each type of customer (distributors, end users), establishing homogeneous treatments for customers who find themselves in the same situation.“

Supervisory Body
The Supervisory Body consists of both an external and internal member to the company. The body is in charge of periodic verification of the Organizational Model, both in terms of compliance and updates of the same, as well as the collection of any observations on behaviours or actions that could compromise its integrity.
You can write to the Supervisory Body, directly and confidentially via the following email address:
It is possible to submit reports, even anonymously, using the following link: Modulo Segnalazioni ODV Meccanostampi

Ludovico Trevisson
President Board of Directors

Dario Zanella
President Supervisory Body